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Gold Collagen Breast Mask


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Quick Overview

Golden Breast Mask

Function of the Mask

1. Increase the elasticity of breast

2. Strengthen the nutrient uptake of breast part

3. Nourish breast, keep breast moisturizing and elastic.




The nano-gold particles added into the transparent crystal mask enables the latter of a great cell activating capacity and a great permeability. The nano-gold particles are only 1/2000as large as pores, very easy to penetrate into the dermis. It cancarry such nutriments in the chest mask as butea superba extract, hyaluronic acid and collagen deep into the chest skin, nourish the chest constantly, activate the growth of mammary glandular cells, help to prevent and lift the loose and drooping breasts, and greatly promote the firming and enlarging of female breasts, At the same time, the chest mask can speed up the blood circulation in the breast tissue to supply breast collagen and moisture, so as to retard chest skin aging and enhance breast elasticity and luster.


hydrogel, Collagen, natural moisturizing gene, Lavender essence.

How to use the mask:

1. Clean your body first and spread breast mask on your breast.

2. Massage it gently for several minutes to help the essence be absorbed completely.

3. Take off the breast mask 20 - 30 minutes later.

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