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5 Gold Collagen Face Mask

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Anti-Wrinkle, Blemish Clearing, Firming, Lightening, Moisturizer


Gold Crystal Collagen Facial Mask (super whitening rejuvenation, deep replenishment, nutrition Phytosome) Three-in-one! ! ! On the role of gold in the beauty you can see below a small quote to have a comprehensive understanding of disabilities. This product is absolutely essential for white-collar and computer workers, San goods whitening moisturizer main function is to fight against the computer radiation, increase the skin's resistance to capture free radicals and so on. Think of the current OL half a day's time is well-known face of the computer for the computer's radiation on the role of modern time is the longest and most serious consequences, the most visual manifestation of the skin easy to aging, In addition to their own lack of water or more oil the skin problems are mostly the consequences of exposure to radiation, so MM had in peacetime to do to address these issues a long-term protective measures should be oh Using 999 nm of gold foil, containing rich in minerals, with a deep whitening, increase skin moisture, Fu-ping fine lines, fine pores of the efficacy of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing; to give skin strength and vitality, improve skin and hair yellow muddy the phenomenon of , and can prevent the skin due to environmental stimuli and water problems caused by aging, anti-oxidation function of vitamin C, 1.4 times. Stay up all night, physiological or physical exhaustion period of not feeling well, use in an emergency can make the skin to restore a bright luster.

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