Free Hair Colour Match

Colour Matching Service

At My Dress Room, we have the wide range of colours available in order to give the best colour match for your own hair. We know how difficult sometime can be to match the colour, here we have experts to help you choose the best.



If the exact colour of your hair is not available yuo can always order our "bespoke hair extensions". Bespoke Hair Extensions can be customized for your needs. You hac choose exact length, width, clips, weight and colour. Talk to us for an advise or submit your request online.

We offer you a free advice on colour match?


1. Send a hair sample to us


If you are not sure or confused in picking the right colour for your hair then you can send your own hair snippet or a sample of hair which you think is the best match. Our hair experts will find out the best blend for your hair.


The address to send is;


Dress Room Ltd
2 Gonville House
Manor Fields
SW15 3NH

Please mention your full name and contact information (preferably phone number) so that we can tell you about the right colour.


2. Send Photos of Yourself to us:


If you don’t have time to send the sample or you want a quick advice then you can email your pictures to Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and upload two or more of your hair pictures. Please make sure that you take the picture in a day light without using camera flash. Our hair expert will suggest you the best possible colour with in 24 hours (business day).

Colour Matching Service