Seamless bra

Seamless Bra pack of 3

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The triple pack of the Seamless Bra is a must have for every woman to complete their intimate collection. Each one of these colours compliments any outfit you have in your waredrobe.

Pack of three seamless bra comes in black, white and nude colours.

Size S : ( Chest Size 65~ 77cm) For Bras Size(65A/30A ~ 75B/34B)
Size M: (Chest Size 77~82 cm) For Bras Size(75C/34C ~ 80C/36C)
Size L: Chest Size 82~87cm For Bras Size(80D/36D ~ 85C/38C)
Size XL: Chest Size 87-92cm For Bras Size(85D/38D ~ 90C/40C)
Size XXL: Chest Size 92-97 cm For Bras Size(90D/42D ~ 95C/44C)

Material : 92% Polyamide Fiber & 8% Spandex
Great For running, Yoga, Basketball ,VollyBall and other sports.

*Choose size according to top size, cup size is irrelevant.